About Us

Mamas, if you're in search of a loving dayhome for your little ones, then look no further ! Over The Rainbow Dayhome is located in Coventry Hills, down the street from Nose Creek School and Coventry Hills School. We believe that our dayhome should be a home away from home for your little ones, and strive to make each child a part of our family ! They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I would love to be a part of that village for your family !

I have a passion for children, and have many years of experience in caring for them, as well as a four-year-old son of my own who absolutely loves making new friends to play with ! As well as basic childcare, I have experience in running children's/youth programs. So I decided to take that experience and turn it in to my full-time career because nothing makes me happier !

I believe in wholesome nutrition for little ones to develop and grow. In order to foster healthy eating habits from a young age, we provide nothing but fresh, home-made, wholesome foods and nutrition. Children are encouraged to participate in meal planning and preparation and are taught about how food is grown and created, and the nutrition associated with eating fresh foods that are good for us. We promote excitement about healthy lifestyles in children.

We believe strongly in a play to learn approach in early childhood education, and every child's interests and learning style are taken in to account in lesson planning. Over The Rainbow Dayhome is a home-based educational facility that allows children to gently ease in to the pre-school environment and prepare for kindergarten. We have a consistent daily schedule that provides a mix of free play and structured learning with a heavy focus on creative arts as well as physical activity and outdoor time.


We offer:

- Two nutritious meals a day plus snacks

-Structured and free play time

-Story time

-Arts and crafts

-Plenty of outdoor activities

-Play based learning

- Child-led acitivities, with Montessori principles

-Educational activities based on the emergent curriculum

-Consistent daily schedule/preparation for kindergarten

-No screen time

-Clean, smoke-free, pet-free environment

- Main floor play area

-Daily reports

-Receipts for tax purposes

-All of the love and attention of a second family

What Makes Us Different

At Over The Rainbow Dayhome, we invest the time and energy to ensure your child receives the best care and education while in our home. Kiddos are welcomed in to our home, not just a basement or play area, and are treated as a part of the family. All meals including snacks are prepared from scratch, no boxed foods. Days are packed with educational activities, and daily reports are sent home so you know what your little one was up to! We nurture social, mental, and physical development in everything that we do! As an early childhood educator, and childcare provider, I take my role seriously and it shows! Your children will always go home happy, loved, and filled with new knowledge! 

Over The Rainbow Dayhome

A Home Away From Home

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